Before you get started,  check the zoning of your lot with the municipality in which your lot is located.   If there was a home on your lot in recent years that has since been removed or demolished, you may be entitled to a reduction of your impact fees.

What are your setback?

Will the home you are proposing to built fit into the setback lines dictated by your zoning?

Is there an old alley no longer in use behind your lot that the municipality may be willing to vacate?

Are there any easements across your property that may restrict what you build? 103_2336

Is there any structure on or under your lot that may affect permitting?  An old existing structure may delay your permits if it is in violation of current zoning regulation, even though it may have been in compliance when it was constructed.

What is the availability of sewer and water?  If there is an existing septic system, will you be required to connect to sewer……at your expense?

These questions and more will need to be answered before you start construction.  We can help with the rezoning, variances and permitting process.