Additions and Remodeling

Tampa Home Remodeling

Example of house before remodel

Front before remodeling

This particular project was both a remodel and an addition.  Along with the interior remodeling, two new porches were added to help define the entries and provide shelter.  Note the new window in the upstairs which we found had been framed in the original construction but covered over..





Tampa Home Redmodel

Results after the remodel.

Front after remodeling

Now the family has a place that now only greets company but provides an outdoor space for family and friends to relax.






Tampa Kitchen Remodeling

How the kitchen looked before the remodel.

Kitchen before remodeling

This 1930’s kitchen was ready for an update.  Not only was it very worn and outdated but it was cramped and awkward.  This was built in the era when the kitchen was to be blocked from sight.  Only a solid swinging door connected it to the rest of the house.  By removing several walls and opening it up to the dining room, we were able to increase the space four fold and create an inviting, spacious new kitchen.



Tampa Kitchen Remodeling

Results of the kitchen remodel

Kitchen after remodeling

Notice the wall to the left where the refrigerator once stood is gone and the kitchen is open to the dining room.  It’s hard to imagine how this beautiful kitchen used to look.  The space this kitchen now occupies was an old pantry and part of the old back porch.  Not only did we gain a huge new kitchen, but also a large butler’s pantry with a second refrigerator, work desk and storage pantry.

Thinking of remodeling or adding on?

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Converting your Dining Room

Do you find you are using your dining room twice a year and the rest of the time it sits unused and gathering dust? Consider converting it into another use such as an office of game room (billiards)? Or if you still need the occassional dining room, consider using it temporarily for another use so it’s still ready to serve as a dining room when you need it. Click on this Wall Street Journal article “Actually Using a Dining Room“.